Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snowballs and Cookies!

For Junior Primary, I started out with singing a Sugar Cookie Fun to Do song for our opening wiggle time. This definitely set the tone for our activity! We did fun Christmas songs again but they correlated to a cookie cutter! I brought 5 or 6 cutters and the idea was for the kids to come up with their own song that went with the tree or star or heart...etc. However, for Junior, it was a little harder for them to come up with songs that worked with the cutters. So, I let the class help them out. We did this a few times until we started practicing our Focus Song. Picture a Christmas. I put up the words and the kids had to match the picture with the words. They all seemed to enjoy it.

Senior, we had little more fun. Since I knew they all could write, I handed out half sheets of white paper and little pencils at the beginning of primary and had them write their name on it. For singing time, they were all ready to do something with this paper. So, I told them, we haven't been having enough snow and if they could help me out. They crumpled up the paper and threw it infront of me. It was a fun way to pick helpers for the day! Because of the difficulty with Junior and the cookie cutter idea, I decided to let the kids pick their favorite primary song. They rolled the dice for how to sing it and it was really fun! We also did the focus song and it sounded so lovely. I'm beginning to see that having the words helps but then the kids don't watch me I'll have to figure out the balance there!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Joy of Christmas in Primary

Seriously, I forgot to blog after last week and really I can't recall that much what I did. I know we reviewed Reverence is Love again and I mixed up the pictures and had the kids figure out where they all went. Oh yeah, we did Primary Colors again and did the same thing. We did Hot/Cold game for the first time in Senior and wow, those kids love that game. They really get into it. I can tell though it can get a bit irreverent if not controlled.

So, yesterday was really fun! Of course, because it's Christmas! My favorite time of year because of all the christmas songs and spirit of Christ in the air. I kind of did a combination game of Stockings and Symbols. My first thought was to take things out of the stocking that had to do with Christmas, but I expanded it to have the True Meaning Of Christmas through certain symbols.

Tree - Everlasting Life - Joy to the World
Candy Cane - Shepherd's Staff - There was Starlight on the Hillside
Candle - Light of Christ - Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus - I chose this song to teach this month. However, it's so hard to pick which songs to teach because there are so many great ones with great messages. The Senior primary knew it pretty well and I'm thinking about teaching a different one for them.
Gift - Gifts of the Wisemen and the Gift of the Son of God - He Sent his Son - I had all these items in a gift box and we sang this one last to bring the spirit and emphasize the greatest gift we have is our Savior.

I'm learning through trial and error what songs the kids know and which they don't. But, that's okay. Next week, I really want to teach the Hillside song. I really loved the sound of it. I also looked at the Friend new song but without a piano it was pretty hard to figure out. The Friend also has a whole library of songs in the Friend way back.... i found some good ones too. Too many good songs...not enough time! :) I think that's why it's so important to feel close to the spirit in choosing the songs. I'm learning and making mistakes and learning and changing. It's good. Can't wait for the next couple weeks! They are going to be so fun!

coming up....Christmas Snowballs. :)