Friday, January 13, 2012

A Child of God - Choose the Right Words.

I taught the primary kids the new song last Sunday, As a Child of God. I got an idea from The Crazy Chorister
However, I adapted it a bit. I didn't want to find a bunch of items and print out pictueres I would never use again. So instead, I used wordstrips. The kids LOVED it. I really played it up with how silly the words were and the kids played right along.  In preparation, I wrote the song on the board and then put the words strips up in the blanks where they needed to Change the word and "Choose the Right" Word. On the other side of the board I had the word strips to the correct lyrics. Here's an example"

I came to MARS with the Power to MAKE COOKIES. Good Choices bless me me and my STUFFED ANIMAL TOO. As a SUPERHERO, I receive special light, the Holy Ghost helps me to know WHEN DINNER IS READY.... You can fill in your own words. but this idea could be used for any new song you are learning. I did realize that the V-Word should never be used in Senior Primary again. Wow, such laughing and talking and yellling out after I said Video Games. (I feel so SILLY and happy because such feelings of peace come from VIDEO GAMES.) X DANGER!!!! :)

I called up a volunteer from the sticks and they got to choose the right word that fit in its place. Kids liked it. And we sang it all through. Something I would different, would do the Fun Ways to Sing dice still because singing it over and over is necessary but having them sit or stand at different words or wiggling or clapping, would've made it more fun. I'm learning :)

Anyways, I'm slowly understanding the ropes and just realizing that the Opening and Closing songs need to be those that they've learned in the last couple years so it's continual review. Luckily or through the spirit, I happened to choose one of those last week. I do enjoy my calling a lot and I love being with these sweet children. I am really trying to learn all the kids names but it's hard but it's a goal of mine so I'll be working on that. If you have any suggesstions, let me know! I always ask when the volunteer just so it gets in my brain but i often forget!

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  1. I used this idea today. The kids loved it! Even our Stake visitors today got a kick out of it. Thanks for such a great idea!