Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Choose the Right" Lyrics


So since they seem to know the song pretty well, we did Don't Forget the Lyrics or Choose the Right Lyrics. I had a volunteer come up to the front that thought they knew the song pretty well. So I had the primary start singing and then used the stop sign at a certain point and they had to try and continue the song. If they didn't know it they could use 1) A clue - I would turn over one of the flip chart sheets. 2) Help from the Audience or 3) You can choose from 3 phrases (i mixed up the words to see if they would remember the right one) It was quite fun! It's really a good way to see how well your primary knows the song. Next time, i'm going to do this and try it in class form to Really see how well they know it and where we need to work on the song. It was fun! The kids of course, are always great sports. We had some extra time though today because the stake came and I was trying to leave more time for them but things got switched right before so I had to be prepared with more ideas on the spot. I quickly got the cube out and sang a couple songs and then did the Hot/Cold Game. It's always fun and always a good learning experience.

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