Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hullabaloo Cake Walk

So I was inspired the other day sitting at the computer trying to think of a fun activity, as always. And I looked over at our games, and saw the Hullabaloo mats. I had an idea to do a musical cake walk. The kids LOVED it!!! So, this is how it all played out. 

We have still been practicing "As a Child of God" However, the kids in Senior have it down really well already. Go them! 

I first  put up my laminated squares of "Fun Ways to Sing" on the board before it started and then covered it up sliding the board. So they weren't distracted with it before Singing Time. 

Singing Time: For Junior, I called up helpers to hold up each page of the flip chart for the song and we sang it all together first. 

Then we did the game. I put 6 mats on the floor and each had a number on it. (This could easily be done with just construction paper cut out) May not stand up as well with kids standing on it though :) Anyways, so then I had our wonderful pianist start playing the song and the kids walked in a circle until she stopped, when she stopped, I picked a number out of my bag. That number got to go the Fun Ways to Sing board and choose how to sing a verse of the song. Wow, we had plug your nose, stand on the chair, oink like a pig. but the very best one was KIDS ONLY! The Senior primary did awesome! I think I'm not going to sing more often because they really know it! It was an easy but fun day and good way to get the song in their head.

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