Thursday, February 16, 2012

Songs of the Heart Variety and a KISS

Happy Valentine's Day! I LOVE incorporating holidays into singing time. It really allows for extra creativity and fun activities. This week I chose a variety of songs in the Primary Songbook that had the word LOVE in it. Then I cut out hearts and put numbers 1-9 on them which each corresponded to one of the songs.
I also cut out and laminated 5 other large hearts and secretly hid them under random chairs. I also bought a giant hershey kiss at the dollar store. So, how did it all fall into place? Well....

I first talked about how we choose the right when we show love to others. I then did the HOT POTATO game with the giant hershey kiss. We started passing it around and whoever it landed on got to come up and two things 1) Choose a Heart on the board that matched the song and 2) Try to unwrap the hershey kiss with a pair of gloves (I only did this one with Senior) The kids loved it and all wanted a chance to try of course...esp. bc they got to eat the kiss after.

But before we started singing I told them to see if they had a Heart under their chair. If so, hold it up when you hear the word LOVE. After the song, I asked them to pass the heart to someone you love! It's always better to give love away! They seemed to really stay engaged and interested. We had a blast celebrating love and kisses! Hope you all had fun too! xoxo! I had boxes filled with kisses that I gave out at the door! If i really wanted it to be perfect I would have them individually wrapped with a cute quote attached but really....who has time for that. I didn't that week. :) I think in the end, they really only care about the chocolate anyways. right?

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