Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hymn Chase Turkey Day

This last Sunday was fun! I obviously focused on Thanksgiving a bit. So for the JR primary, we played Disguise The Turkey. I brought a hat, mustache, boa, glasses and sign that said I'm not a Turkey. The kids absolutely LOVED it and laughed the whole time! My only thing I need to figure out is how to keep the reverence while still enjoying the music. This time, I controlled that by making sure the sign went on last and it was for the "Reverence is Love" song we've been learning all month. Also for each song, we roll the "fun to sing" dice but i think i'm going to revise the choices on was from a prior chorister. The kids really love being able to sing it a certain way because it keeps things interesting.

For Senior, I did something a little different. At home, I drew a large turkey and cut out paper feathers to attach to the turkey but to get the feather......
This idea came to me on my own and I think i'll for sure use it again. Hymn Chase. I was thinking about how fun it is to do scripture chases and learn while doing it. So I picked 6 songs out of the hymn book that related to reverence or gratitude. I gave the hymn number and first person to get there got to put the feather on, which correlated to a specific song to sing. The kids really enjoyed it. They like the competition. (You have to gather all the hymn books first...don't forget.) After someone got to the right page, I had them stand up, say what the song name is and what it means to them. I love hearing the children's testimonies. It was fun and can be used for a lot of different themes. :) Thanks for Heavenly Father for that inspiration! On to next week..... gotta figure it out!

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