Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mad Gab

Last Sunday was so fun. We did the gratitude tree and picked songs from the leaf colors. For Senior, I played a game called Mad Gab. I first had one child come from each class and find a leaf in the room. The leaf had a number which correlated to the song. I wrote silly wording for each song and the kids had to figure it out and then when they did, we sang the song. The child would roll the 'how to sing dice' and they seemed to love it! Man, those kids are smart too. I'll attach the list for those of you who don't want to come up with your was a little tricky. But the kids enjoyed it so much, I think I'll do that again for sure! 

Something learned - I need to know both verses of the song for Senior Primary. I really couldn't remember the second verse of I hope they call me on a mission. How sad is that? It was fine though. I'm pretty laid back and asked the kids to help teach me! We had a great time. But the thing this, as soon as it's over I start getting stressed about what I'm going to do for next week. Anyone feel that way? 

Also, I need some nursery ideas. I know they are easy to please but I've never been given any instruction as to what I teach them, if it's just for fun, do I teach them reverent songs too, how long do i do it for? I brought instruments for the kids to play but they were all too young to really have fun with them. 

One thing that was interesting was we wanted to end on the focus song of the month: Reverence is Love Someone actually did choose that one but it was about 3 minutes before we finished. So the last leaf I made sure was another reverent one as to not lose the spirit moving into sharing time--which was in the chapel. 

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