Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reverence Week 1

This month's theme - Reverence.

Because I'm new to this calling and to the children, I thought a fun gratitude getting to know you game would be appropriate this month. I cut out a bunch of leaves for our Gratitude Tree. I'm going to call up 4 REVERENT helpers to choose a leaf from the basket. It's like the M&M game. According to the color of leaf, they answer a question about themselves. Then they say something they are grateful for. Put it on the tree. We'll then learn the song, Thanks To Thee. (flip book of pictures)

Since I'm not sure how fast time will really go being my first, I planned three songs to sing/learn. My next activity will be the Recipe for Reverence. A helper will tell me what their favorite food is and then we disect the ingredients....what are the ingredients for Reverence. Quickly name a few and then learn the song, Reverence is Love. Talk abou the meaning and the words and why it's love? Teaching through hand actions and gospel picture art. (reminder. need a notebook)

Lastly, if there's time, learning Our Primary Colors. I think the kids will really enjoy this one. If they don't already know it they, will soon :) This is easy. Colored papers and we'll use the Stop, Go and Slow Signs.

Please Please Please if you read this and have a tip or input or a comment, let me know. I love constructive criticism. At first I was gonna have them learn a new song every week but I learned that it doesn't usually work that way. I'm used to adult choirs :) I am really excited for this opportunity to strengthen the testimony and faith of these children. However, I believe they will be the ones strengthening mine.

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